Thursday, February 21, 2008

Pesky Little Brothers III

Dear, dear little Dalin. That boy is such a muckus! He loves to do things that he knows will bother his sisters and brother. Dalin loves to turn off the T.V. When we bought the T.V. I thought we wouldn't have to deal with that problem because the buttons are kind of camouflaged, at least I thought they were. Once Dalin was tall enough to see the buttons, it didn't take him long to figure out which one turned it off. A few days ago the older kids were trying to watch a show and Dalin kept turning the T.V. off. We have a tivo-like device so Kaylee would pause the show before Dalin turned it off so they wouldn't miss the show. When Dalin would notice that the show was stopped he would get mad at Kaylee and yell at her until she would play the show so he could turn it off again. Little turkey.

When Chris and Aiden wrestle, Chris always tries to find a way to get Aiden to say that his Dad is the toughest/coolest man in the world. Aiden hates to say that, because he wants to be the toughest. Today Chris was wrestling Aiden and Dalin at the same time and once again Chris was trying to make Aiden say he was the greatest, and when he wouldn't Chris asked Dalin then told him to say daddy. Dalin being the phonograph he is would repeat whatever Chris told him to say no matter how much Aiden protested. Finally, unable to take the betrayal any longer, Aiden said to Dalin, "Come over to the couch, we need to talk." Those boys crack me up!

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Unknown said...

Sometimes the boys need a little motivation or gentle reminder to let them know that I am the toughest man in the world. Unfortunately I get attacked by Aiden the second I get home everyday. It's kinda funny that when I don't return the fight, Aiden has to beg and beg "Dad will you please give me a beatdown".