Sunday, February 17, 2008


Our little Ashton turned seven last Friday the fifteenth. I feel like a terrible mother for not writing on her birthday, but it definitely does not mean I lover her any less. We had a family party on Monday and she opened presents from us on her actual birthday. She got some very cute clothes a ready bed, a spirograph, and some crazy computer things called funkeys. All in all a pretty good haul. Kaylee gets very excited about holidays and birthdays so I had to make sure to tell her that she was not allowed to wake Ashton up early. Ashton ended up waking up first anyway, but still an hour later than Kaylee had intended to set her alarm for. I took Krispy Kreme donuts for her class, and because her birthday is the day after valentines day I was able to get some heart shaped ones, so that was super fun. We sang happy birthday and had cake with cousins later in the evening. It was a very sugar filled week. We are so happy to have Ashton as a part of our family. She is genuine kindness. She is the first one to comfort Dalin when he cries, and she is always willing to jump up and help when we ask her to. She is a smart and funny girl and we just love, love her.

P.S. The picture isn't the greatest quality, but I was able to post it all by myself! Woo Hoo!!

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Shauna said...

Happy Birthday, Ashton! You are looking very grown up these days. Time sure flies.

p.s.--good work on the computer skills, Kristen. Posting your own picture--very nice.