Monday, April 23, 2012

The Circle of Life

Dalin thinks a lot about growing up.  Things like who will he marry, how many kids will he have, will his mustache grow in before he becomes a father, you know life's big questions.  One day when these questions must have been running through his mind he shared this thought with Chris.

"Dad when I'm a dad you'll be a grandpa, and when I'm a grandpa you'll be dead."

Along those lines, a few weeks ago we ran into aunt Natalie at the store and Dalin had this discussion about the aforementioned mustache.

Dalin: When I'm a dad I"ll have a mustache.  But I can't grow one yet, it just won't come out of my mustache hole (the divot below his nose)
Natalie:  Why do you want a mustache?
D:  Because then I can do this (twirl his mustache) when I'm thinking
N:  Maybe you can grow a beard and do this (stroking the beard) to think
D:  Yeah that might work, but for now I'll just have to use my thinking face
The "thinking face"

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