Tuesday, July 9, 2013


You like that title?  I'm so out of date reference cool like that!  What do you do when you're facing outside temperatures of 115* and up?  Well you don't go out side if you can help it, that's for sure.  If you're me you spend a fair amount of time on Pinterest, sorry to all those who have to see all of my pins.  I probably only try like 10% (okay, okay 1%.  Sheesh call me out why don't ya) but it's free to look and I can do it inside.  Here are  few of the tip, tricks and recipes I've tried recently.

No Bake Watermelon Cake
from isavea2z.com
You all know Dalin loves watermelon, and lucky for him he has a summer birthday so he usually gets a watermelon "cake".  I found this way to fancy it up a little and it looked like it could actually be cake.  I only had strawberries on hand and he doesn't like almonds so it's not a fancy as the the picture, but it was a hit.
from mmmmisformommy.com
When Chris saw I was doing a post about pinterest he requested I add this recipe.  It is his FAV-O-RITE and he requests it for dinner weekly.  They are delicious but unfortunately for him when I made it for his birthday I was sick. Now it reminds me how blah I felt and it's hard for me to want to make them anymore.
from menumusings.blogspot.com
My family thought they were tasty (well the ones that will try stuff) but I wish they were a little crispier.  It calls for diced chicken, but I had some ground turkey and figured it would be faster.  The recipe says you can fry them, which would help with the crispiness but not so much with the healthy.
from happyhecticlife.com

This is probably my favorite pin ever!  This is my actual floor.   I was amazed at the results of this idea.  Just spray the cleaner on your grout lines then let it sit for a few minutes, scrub, then wipe it off with a wet cloth or mop.   I used a toothbrush and also a scrub brush on a pole so I didn't have to bend over.  The toothbrush fits just right in the grout lines so the results were much better, but they both worked great  We recently had an estimate for professional grout cleaning and it was about $350.  The can of Woolite...less than $5 and the results were better.  It sprays out in a stream, perfect for the grout line.  Make sure you shake it once and a while to keep the spray foamy.  We have maybe 300 sq ft of tile and I used 1 1/2 cans to clean it all.  And the Woolite smells good too.  I will admit that I don't know if this grout had been pre-treated with anything but I'm on week two after cleaning and it still looks great.

The summer heat is just getting started so stay tuned, I'll have more pins to post soon:)

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