Friday, June 26, 2009

Poor Kid

I am generally a pretty overprotective mom. It completely puts me out of my comfort zone to let my kids play outside with the neighbor kids. I practically had a panic attack while on the phone with Chris one day because they were riding their scooters down our inclined driveway into the street (Chris laughed at me by the way). The only good thing about the 100* weather is that it is to hot for them to be out for very long. Yesterday Aiden was riding his scooter and it hit a rock and he fell off landing on his face. It looked very swollen and sore, but the thing that concerned me the most was that he couldn't remember what had happened or what we had for dinner or where we had gone that day, so it was off to the emergency room. I think I watch to much TV because I was sure the hospital staff would take one look at his face and assume abuse so I took Ashton with me because she saw the whole thing and could vouch for my innocence. She felt so bad for Aiden that she was crying too. After x-rays and cat scans and a total of four hours, we found out he was fine. Nothing broken or internally bleeding, just a really bad scrape and a really swollen cheek. I was really impressed with Aiden though, because I could tell he was very nervous about everything but he was very brave through the whole ordeal (I've heard him cry more over not getting a book he wanted from the library). His bravery was rewarded with a popsicle and a bunny and as long as his cheek doesn't get touched he doesn't complain of any pain. I was also impressed with the kindness of his sisters. When they are not the cause of each others injuries they are the best caretakers.

I told him he could play Batman with Dalin now and be Two-Face. One side is a good guy and one side is a bad guy.

Isn't that the saddest thing. He can't even smile or laugh because it hurts his face :(

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susan said...

poor Aiden, I hope the swelling goes down soon. To bad he is on track break he would be the center of attention at school. Get well soon