Thursday, August 28, 2008


When I was growing up I thought my adult life would go as follows: I would meet someone at college and we would live wherever our careers took us (mostly his because I still don't know what I want to do when I grow up:) This is how my life actually went: I met my future husband while I was home for summer break and we've been here ever since. As a matter of fact my whole family has been too. I was a little put off that I was living in the same place where not only I grew up, but where my dad grew up as well. I didn't really feel like an adult. Then I had kids. And my kids got cousins. And I realized that having so much family around was indeed a fabulous thing, and not only because I have never paid for a babysitter (yes I am seriously so blessed:).
Tomorrow my little brother Brandon and his wife Cara are moving to Idaho to start their grown up lives. Regardless of what I said in the previous paragraph, I think is great that they are having adventure and going out on their own, I am just going to miss them so much. I will admit that I think about moving away all the time, especially during the summer. I would only have to convince a few of my family members to move with us. I know Brandon and Cara will come and visit, but it's not the same as seeing them every week (or every other week) at Sunday dinner. Even if we didn't always get to visit one on one, they were there. I'm excited for them to go after new opportunities and I hope they do great. At the same time I am very sad and, for my own selfishness, I wish they would stay.
Update your blog often so we can sort of pretend you're still here. We love you, good luck and we'll miss you guys a ton!

The Lowell and Susan Hafen family, August 2008. There are 33 of us with three more coming by the end of the year.


C.A.L.L.L.L. said...

Amen (and also "sniffle") to that.

Anonymous said...

That is sad. Since we are the ones who live away from all of our family I can tell you that what we miss most is that family closeness. At least you have an excuse to go to Idaho!