Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas J. Edwards

Nick and Kim with all of their nieces and nephews. I had a little stress because I had to make the dresses for Kaylee and Ashton and the tie for Dalin. Seeing how cute all the matchers looked made it worth it.
On Tuesday (yes I said Tuesday) Chris's little brother got hitched to a lovely girl named Kim in Salt Lake City. It was really fun to see so much family, especially Chris's parents who love in Arkansas and his sister who lives in Texas. I think it was probably the first time their whole family has been together for eight or more years. My kids are always so excited to see their grandma and grandpa Edwards and they have been hosting a foreign exchange student named Coleen, from Germany and they brought her with them. My kids took to her very quickly and they became fast friends. I'm sure if we ever visit northern Germany we will have a place to stay. The reception was held at a museum in Springville (about an hour south of Salt Lake) which was really nice. It was even better when we found a grassy area for the kids to play so I didn't have to worry about them accidentally breaking some $30,000 piece of art that we would be responsible for.

Coming out of the temple.

The weather was beautiful until about five minutes before the newlyweds came out, then the wind was fierce, just in time for pictures. Dalin was very concerned that his hair was getting blown, he kept asking for his hat.

Jayden, Aiden and Dalin. Aren't they so cute.

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